One of Twilou's adventures


As Twilou slithered along
Happy humming a song
He was suddenly aware
Of something quite rare

When Twilou came near
He saw suddenly clear
A stumbling spider in a skirt
That looked like she was hurt

She cried in frustration
“This can’t be my end-station!”
“What’s up?” asked the snail
“I can’t hear with that wail”

“Ooh, that mushroom ’s too small,
so I can’t dance at all!”
“Use a web”, said the snail
“You’re a spider, can’t fail”

So she spun and she spun
Practiced till the rising of the sun
Under the last wink of the moon
A crowd gathered soon

And the public felt fright
At that dazzling sight
Of her dangling in the air
And she thought “life IS fair!”