A strange friend


Scarula oh Scarula
I know you are my friend
But sometimes – yes you know you do –
You’ll give the truth a bent

Your fingers tickle my insides
Your hands clasp round my throat
You tell me it’s a tiger
While actually it’s a goat

Your whisper numbs the sounds around
Your breath runs down my spine
You warn me for a poisonous beast
While actually I’m fine

You seal my lips and glue my feet
And I’m stuck where I stand
‘Till suddenly I am aware:
This must come to an end

Like every friend you try to help
I know it’s nothing but love
But when it’s making matters worse
I will tell you to back-off!

Just sit and relax on my shoulder
It’s neither a spider or bear
You giving me chills to the bone
Isn’t necessary nor is it fair

You can be my friend if you’re carefull
And giving me thoughtful advise
I promise I will not be careless
But I want to be brave and be wise